Tattoo Connection flk version questions.

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Tattoo Connection flk version questions.

Postby jamesjason » Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:27 pm

The customer service email address bounced, so am posting this in here in the hopes
that someone might be able to answer it...

Hi Guys,

Just wondering about a few details of the flkcinema version of The Tattoo Connection

I've already purchased this movie twice so far, but I've still been hunting
for the most original version. I stumbled across an external forum where
Flashlegs Pete made a comment about this one. This version is looking like
the definitive one but I want to make sure as I'd rather not purhase it a
4th time!

The two previous versions I own are cropped to 16:9, one is a very dirty
transfer and both have had the movie title (during the theme song) edited.
One has "BLACK BELT JONES II" superimposed, and the other has a freeze
frame of the tattoo connection logo superimposed, presumably to cover up
a previously edited title.

Comparing the flkcinema screenshots to my versions, i can see that it is really
2.35:1, so basically the other main things i wanted to ask before I go
through and purchase it:

- Has the movie title screen been tampered with as mentioned earlier,
... or is it as per the original film?
- What is the running time of the feature?
- Can you advise of the history of the transfer, was it from 35mm/reel/tape?

Thanks in advance, really looking forward to getting this one!

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Postby jamesjason » Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:57 am

Much appreciated Pete, look forward to hearing more.

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Postby jamesjason » Sun May 20, 2012 9:50 pm

G'day Pete, has you managed to get any more info as yet?

On an awesome side note, I got to meet Jim a month ago at the Supanova pop culture convention in Melbourne, it was awesome! Got a few autographs, few handshakes and a photo. I even asked him a burning question I had about the movie we're discussing here lol, about whether it was released in its native chinese tounge over in HK, as far as he's aware - it didnt.

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Postby jamesjason » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:25 am

Sorry to be a ball breaker, just wondering if you've managed to make any progress with this one?

[Quote=Pete Jr]I would have thought TC was released for a western audience......and dubbed in English for that market.....I wouldn't be surprised if there is a sub version of this about though.[/Quote]
Interestingly enough, imdb seems to indicate that the films Hong Kong release pre-dates the USA by 6 months, the original title being "E yu tou hei sha xing". Going by that I would assume that the film might have been english dubbed later, but even Jim says he's not aware of a chinese language release, so maybe even the HK release was overdubbed in english...

If anyone saw this in HK theatres in July 1978, tell us what you remember!! :)

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