Golden Triangle

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Golden Triangle

Postby noirmubin » Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:49 pm

Subject: Golden Triangle

Hard Hitting Punch & Block - just the way I like it

With Shoji Kurata starring - you won't be disappointed with the fights.

A short description:-

From the beginning, we are shown Shoji Kurata, a police officer and a bottler, accidentally shot his mate in a stakeout, got fired from his job, gets involve in a brawl at a pub with some baddies (who recognise him as an ex-police), join the baddies, get into fights with Nik Cheung, falls in love with the drug-chemist girl, get into more fights with Nik, "mock-killing" of Nik Cheung, partner Nik Cheung in beating up the baddies and get the girl in the end.

And to cap it all, we have lots of James Bond soundtracks in the movie. (And the movie has a Bruceploitation feel..dunno why)

Oh... i miss the part where Kurata play soccer as a keeper with the baddies and was challenged by Nik Cheung into 3 penalties shoot-out. Won't tell you though who came out winners.

The finale is one hard hitting and high kicking with Nik's trademark ground-spinning kick (which we always seen from his movies). And we have one baddie who looks like Hwang Jang Lee.

Kurata is Johnny and Nik is McQueen. band members from Sex Pistols?!

Recommended for Punch and Block lovers and Kurata's fans

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